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Zoe the Misfit

Zoe the Misfit


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Zoe feels out of place, she’s a green triangle in a world of red circles. The circles won’t play with her because she is different and can’t fit in with their rules. She’s not round, she can’t roll like they can and she’s not red. Zoe tries to fit in, but try as she may she can’t seem to roll, turn herself red or change her shape. Feeling left out and alone she is sitting on a park bench when she realizes that she has points and these allow her to do something that the circles can’t, she can spin… While she is experimenting with her new found talent she discovers that there are lots of other shapes in the world and they all can do their own unique things. In the end she learns the most important rule is to be your self!

This fun story for kids helps them develop an appreciation for people’s differences and helps children with self-esteem, confidence, overcoming fears, and learning to find value in themselves and their own abilities. Includes an afterward by Sasha J. Mudlaff M.A. for parents and caregivers which provides talking points and more information.