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The Best of Individual Counseling

The Best of Individual Counseling


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Individual. The word says it all. Some kids respond better to one technique and others to another. That’s why counselors need a variety of choices.

Counselors are different also. Some like activities, some discussion, some art, some craft projects, some worksheets. That’s why this book is a compilation of a variety of effective techniques used by ten of Marco’s published authors.

You’ll find ideas for counseling students referred because of:

  • Low self-esteem
  • Academic concerns
  • Inappropriate social skills
  • Anxiety and worries
  • Poor anger control
  • Inappropriate behaviors
  • Issues concerning divorce and death
  • And more!

Treat yourself and your students to these interesting tried and true activities. Not only will you find new ideas for techniques you have been using, but you may also decide to try a new and different technique.

The included CD features color PDF files of the reproducible pages. System requirements: Adobe Reader 5.0® or newer, Compatible with PC (Windows 2000 or newer) and Mac (OS 9.0 or newer). Includes ASCA standards, competencies, and indicators for the lessons.