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Storytelling Guidance I Book & CD

Storytelling Guidance I Book & CD


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Personalized books create lasting memories. This program includes five reproducible storybooks that allows young readers to express their thoughts and feelings and also to show they comprehend what the author is intending. The included stories are:
  • Proud Pepperoni (Respecting Differences)- When Proud Pepperoni rebels at being included with the other ingredients on a pizza, it takes the cook to show it that differences make for a better product.
  • The Angry Vegetables (Handling Anger) -- The vegetables lose control when a game gets out of hand. Fortunately, one of them shows the others a safe way to vent their hostility.
  • Swimming With The Fish (Friendship And Character Education) -- Not all the fish in the ocean are ones the other fish would like to swim with. As the different personalities are explained, good choices can be made as to the traits that make for a good friend.
  • Toni The Bully (Handling Bullies) -- What’s a dog to do when a really, really mean bigger dog threatens it? Penny The Poodle comes to the rescue when she shows the others a new way of handling bullies.
  • Miss Wingate’s Ears Are Growing (Tattling) -- Poor Miss Wingate. She has a class of tattlers. The tattling is so bad that her hurting ears grow bigger and bigger. Stunned by what is happening to their teacher, the students decide to listen and follow the rules for reporting.

Each reproducible story also has associated reproducible activity pages

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