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Skyla - The One Legged  Seagull

Skyla - The One Legged Seagull


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Skyla is a young seagull that lost a leg in a misunderstanding with a sea turtle. Ever since she has been feeling alone and scared to venture out to play for fear of being treated differently or teased because she only has one leg. A chance meeting with a friendly crab causes her to try to confront her fears. In the process she meets some new friends, learns she has a talent for drawing, wins a poster contest and confronts her fear of learning to fly.

This heartfelt, beautifully illustrated story helps children to understand that we are all different in many ways, we all have our own strengths and weaknesses, and by confronting our fears of rejection we can learn and grow. This story is great for helping children with self-esteem, confidence, overcoming fears, and learning to find value in themselves and their own abilities. An afterward by Sasha J. Mudlaff M.A. written for parents and other caregivers offers suggestions and advice for helping children with physical disabilities, including talking points related to the story.