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Out of Your Mind

Out of Your Mind


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One of the greatest problems in helping children is the difficulty of knowing what is really going on in their minds–the thoughts, the feelings, the fears, the desires. This therapeutic game will help you draw all of these out of their minds in a way that is fun and educational. This non-competitive game has two sets of winners: the counselor or therapist wins by drawing important information out of the players’ minds, and the players win by learning important social skills.

Players will enhance their communication skills, their listening skills, and their decision making skills. They will improve their ability to understand others and experience empathy. Activities are designed to make sure that all this takes place in an atmosphere that is emotionally safe and supportive. Game components stimulate players to talk about themselves and learn important skills in the process

Included in this game are the following:

  • Imagine That cards which provide a guided imagery experience for players, who are encouraged to visualize themselves dealing with novel situations. What they see themselves doing is often much more informative than what they would say about the same situation.
  • Picture This cards present a series of four or five drawings. The players select the drawing that describes them best today and say why. Selecting a speeding sports car, a family sedan, or a car with a flat tire can say a great deal about the player’s state of mind, feelings, self-esteem, etc. Choosing a picture can be more revealing than 1,000 words!
  • Voice a Choice cards invite players to share things about themselves by making a selection from four or five choices. Topics vary from friendship issues to world problems, such as hunger and global warming.
  • Remember When cards and the Feel Wheel (a feelings spinner) ask the players to recall a memory that is related to the words on the card or the feeling on the spinner.
  • Finally, each deck has What’s on Your Mind cards that foster communication among the players.