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Guidance For The Gourmet

Guidance For The Gourmet


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Bibliotherapy with a flair!!

Expand your bibliotherapy library with these 23 complete “recipes” (lessons) for teaching these important topics: Bullying, Behavior, Accepting others, Gossiping, Accepting blame, Self-confidence, Worrying, Jealousy, Anger, Perfection, Tattling, Proper diet, Expressing differences, Organization, Depression, Grief and Loss, and more...

Each “recipe” is like a complete meal. First, serve an appetizer which is an activity such as: Hoppin’Mad Muffins (Anger) or Clean Up Chowder (Organization). Then serve up an accompanying original story like: Fearless Flounder Filets (Accepting Others) or Envy-Free Egg Fritters (Jealousy). And finally top off your lesson with a scrumptious dessert activity like: Polite Pie Streamers (Behavior) or Sweet And Silky Self-Esteem Silhouettes (Self-Confidence).

Each lesson includes a beginning activity (appetizer), original story (main course), and culminating activity (dessert). An innovative approach to the popular topic of bibliotherapy and the important topic of lifeskills.