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Get Rid of the Hurt Book & CD

Get Rid of the Hurt Book & CD


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The loss of a loved one evokes some of our most powerful emotions. We might like to get rid of the pain, but the hurt won't go away unless we pay attention to it. Get Rid Of The Hurt was written to help children find ways to grieve.

This beautifully illustrated book has a minimum of text on each page, and includes many pages for children to write or draw their thoughts, feelings, and hopes for the future. This sensitive, reassuring book emphasizes the value of grieving, gives children opportunities to express their feelings, discusses the important decision to attend or not attend a funeral and explores what life will be like now that a loved one is gone.

You may choose to read the story to a grieving child, reproduce the entire story or reproduce selected pages for the child to created his or her own personal book. Whatever way you select, this book can bring comfort and hope to the grieving child.