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Don't Touch, I'll Pop!

Don't Touch, I'll Pop!


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Frankie has a problem; Wendell the bully is always poking him and stealing his favorite after lunch treat of Twinkies. He’s tried a few things to solve the problem in the past with no success. One day while visiting his mom who works in a packaging store he gets an idea: Bubble Wrap. He figures that wrapping himself in Bubble Wrap will be the perfect solution… This starts off a hilarious and educational journey through his school day where he ultimately learns that it is ok to ask for help in solving his problem with Wendell and that asking for help to deal with a bully is not tattling.

This fun and educational story provides helpful suggestions and advice on constructive ways to deal with bullies in a fun and easy to understand format. It also helps kids to understand that sometimes they can’t solve a problem on their own and when they can’t it is ok to ask for help.

An afterward by Sasha J. Mudlaff provides advice and resources to help parents and caregivers assist their child when they are confronted by a bully.