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Careers For Me, Plus Interest Inventory for Grades 6-9 Pack of 25

Careers For Me, Plus Interest Inventory for Grades 6-9 Pack of 25


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Your students will want to keep this inventory! This is a fun, interesting, colorful graphics and easy-to-use career interest inventory for young people around middle school age. Careers For Me Plus is a 24-page consumable booklet which probes the students' skills as well as interests and includes fun activities, such as a cryptogram, a word search, and more.

Students are asked to review their extra-curricular and volunteer activities, as well as their educational goals. There is also a simple worksheet for students to review skills that employers seek out in applicants (SCANS). Helpful tips and thought-provoking questions are included throughout for students to give short answers an think about.

This paper-pencil assessment encourages students to think about their interests to guide them towards careers. Using Careers For Me Plus , your students will:

  • Learn more about themselves and their personal interests
  • Gain an awareness of various new job titles
  • Be exposed to the concept of school-to-work
  • Have an understanding of how jobs can be grouped into clusters
  • Be encouraged to research careers which fit their interests
  • Start the process of how they fit in with the world of work
  • Begin career awareness & preparation in a non-stressful and insightful manner

Changes to the new edition include:

  • Updated career information on over 150 job titles
  • Information on the Department of Education's 16 cluster system
  • Increase to 120 statements for user's to indicate their interest or skill
  • New fun activities

Careers for Me Plus uses the following six career clusters, which are also all linked together by an icon:

  • Environment and Agriculture
  • Arts and Communication
  • Business and Management
  • Industrial and Engineering Systems
  • Health Services
  • Human Resources/Services

Contact us if you would like a free sample. Comes shrink-wrapped in sets of 25