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Career Skills Library (Set of 9 Books)

Career Skills Library (Set of 9 Books)


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To land a good job in today’s competitive workforce a person needs to master two sets of skills, both of which can be cultivated with the right guidance. First are technical skills, which are often specific to a given career. Second, but no less important, are personal skills, which allow people to succeed and advance. The Career Skills Library covers those skills, traits, and attributes that are crucial to success in any field, including communication, problem solving, organization, and relating to others.

An ideal resource for students thinking about their future careers and for their teachers, guidance counselors, and parents, the Career Skills Library provides practical advice on which skills are most in demand by employers and how to start building them now. The set details the competencies identified by the Department of Labor’s SCANS (Secretary’s Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills) as essential to solid job performance and explains how and why these skills make a difference. Each book focuses on a single skill or set of skills in the workplace and shows students how to improve and practice that skill while still in school.

Each volume in the Career Skills Library contains an introduction that defines the skill or skills covered and explains why the skills are important, using concrete examples that students can relate to their own experiences. Breaking skills down into manageable and practical parts, these books offer firm guidance to students and create an easy-to-follow path that will help them improve each skill.

The Career Skills Library not only prepares students for whatever career they choose in the future, it also provides them with a valuable head start to excel by giving them access to skills and techniques they can use to succeed in high school and college. These must-have volumes help students get on the right path to success at an age when it is easy to pick up skills and there is still plenty of time to practice them in school. For parents and educators, these volumes are reliable sources of information that they can feel confident directing their impressionable students to for important advice.

Titles include (contact us if interested in purchasing individual titles):

  • Communication Skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • Learning the Ropes
  • Professional Ethics and Etiquette
  • Research and Information Management
  • Finding a Job
  • Organization Skills
  • Teamwork Skills
  • Problem Solving