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Career Opportunities Series, Set of 27 books Middle-High School

Career Opportunities Series, Set of 27 books Middle-High School


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Landing a job in the 21st century takes skill, determination, and a little help from the Career Opportunities series. Each volume contains in-depth profiles of approximately 60 to 100 jobs, providing thorough information on salary ranges, advancement prospects, employment trends, necessary experience, and helpful unions and associations. Each profile presents an overview of the main duties and features of the job, a Career Ladder that illustrates frequent routes to and from the position, and comprehensive descriptions of certification, education, special skills, and training required.

Enhancing the reference value of each volume are multiple appendixes listing graduate and undergraduate programs and internship opportunities, as well as relevant agencies, associations, corporations, unions, and other organizations. Additional resources include glossaries and bibliographies of key books and periodicals. An index is provided for each volume.

Titles and copyrights include:

  • Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources- Copyright 2010
  • Animals- Copyright 2011
  • Animation- Copyright 2011
  • Banking, Finance and Insurance- Copyright 2007
  • Casinos and Casino Hotels- Copyright 2009
  • Conservation and the Environment- Copyright 2007
  • Education and Related Services- Copyright 2006
  • Energy Industry- Copyright 2008
  • Engineering- Copyright 2006
  • Health Care- Copyright 2007
  • Journalism- Copyright 2007
  • Law and the Legal Industry- Copyright 2007
  • Law Enforcement, Security and Protective Services- Copyright 2005
  • Library and Information Science- Copyright 2009
  • Politics, Government and Activism- Copyright 2008
  • Real Estate- Copyright 2009
  • Science- Copyright 2008
  • Armed Forces- Copyright 2007
  • Energy Industry- Copyright 2008
  • Fashion Industry- Copyright 2007
  • Transportation- Copyright 2009
  • Publishing Industry- Copyright 2009
  • Food and Beverage Industry- Copyright 2010
  • Travel and Hospitality- Copyright 2010
  • Retail and Wholesale Industry- Copyright 2009
  • Sports Industry- Copyright 2010
  • Music- Copyright 2009