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Career Exploration Inventory EZ  Set of 25

Career Exploration Inventory EZ Set of 25


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Uncovering preferences for work, leisure activities, and learning can help students, job seekers, and others achieve a suitable career by helping them plan education, training, hobbies, or activities that will support this career path. Examining these major areas can lead to a more successful career and a more fulfilling life.

Based on the best-selling Career Exploration Inventory, Third Edition, the new Career Exploration Inventory EZ (CEI-EZ) is the perfect assessment for teachers and counselors who need to spend less administration time and for individuals who appreciate an easier-to-read format. Taking only 20 minutes to complete, the CEI-EZ is a quick way for individuals to explore three major areas of life—work, leisure activities, and learning.

With the CEI-EZ, individuals reflect on 96 activities and consider their past, present, and future interest in them. Scores connect to 16 career interest areas based on the U.S. Department of Education career clusters. Related jobs, education and training options, and leisure activities are listed for each interest area. Additional information helps students and job seekers focus on their top interest areas as they ponder their future plans.

The CEI-EZ takes less time to complete than the CEI, is even easier to read and score, and is supported by additional research. The number of steps has been cut from eight to five, making the CEI-EZ even more user-friendly without sacrificing its validity, reliability, or power. An ideal career exploration tool for teachers and counselors who don’t have a lot of time to devote to assessments.

For this current edition, the items have been revised to reflect changes in technology and society, job titles have been updated, and steps and wording have been streamlined for even easier reading. ©2011, high school-adult, 8-panel fold-out.