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Big Tweens Lil Tweens with CD

Big Tweens Lil Tweens with CD


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When Tweens enter middle school, they often have many questions and worries. They want to fit in, yet may not know how to do so. The Big Tweens Lil Tweens program gives female students new to middle school an opportunity to connect with older female students who have been successful in middle school for one or more years. Each big tween is assigned a new student—lil tween—to work with for 10 sessions.

During their time together, they complete nine sessions during which the lil tweens become knowledgable about:

Making appropriate decisions

Developing friendships with other students

Embracing their uniqueness

Expressing themselves in acceptable ways

Demonstrating important character traits

Making appropriate and successful decisions

During middle school years, tweens are influenced by their peers in either a positive or negative manner. This program embraces this concept by providing a positive opportunity for preteens who aren’t behavior problems but may have difficulties with friendships, academic performance, or just need a little extra support to bring out their inner tween magic!

The CD includes PDF files with colorful reproducible activity sheets and four 11 x 17 printable posters. Level 1 Whiteboard compatible.