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Your Objective

Now that you've got the basics let's add an objective.  An objective is your chance to tell an employer what type of job you are looking for, and what skills and other qualifications you would apply to that job.  While an objective is optional it can be helpful and effective if it is  tailored to the job you're applying for.

For example, you may have a long term career goal. Samantha wants to be an emergency room physician, but you would want to leave that off if you're applying to be a receptionist in a doctors office and instead address the job you're applying for.  

In this case Samantha is applying for what her parents call "her first real job", she's worked for family friends and done some babysitting but now that she's in high school she would like to get a part-time after school job. A local physician is looking for someone to work afternoons answering phones and helping around the office.  Her objective would be something like:

Seeking a position as a receptionist/assistant for a primary care physician, where I can use my communication, research, and organizational skills.

So her resume would look something like this now:

Now let's move on to the next section of your resume, Education: