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Sports Announcer


Sports announcers are radio and television announcers who specialize in sports. They write and read the sports stories on the air. Sports announcers often attend sporting events. Announcers may work for professional sports teams. Some explain the sporting event live on television or radio as it is happening. Sports announcers sometimes must participate in community activities, such as greeting customers at openings of sporting goods stores.

Working Conditions

Sports announcers often work long, irregular hours. There may be travel to attend sporting events.


Salaries in broadcasting vary widely but in general are relatively low except for announcers in large stations in major markets or who work for a network or team. Wages are higher in television than in radio. The middle fifty percent of announcers earn between $6.17 and $12.76 per hour.

Helpful Skills and Subjects to Study

Announcers must have a pleasant and well-controlled voice, good timing, excellent pronunciation, and must know correct grammar usage. Courses in English, public speaking, drama and foreign languages are helpful. Courses in computer science are valuable as programming is created and edited by computer.

Related Jobs

Others who must be skilled at oral communication include interpreters, sales workers, public relations specialists and teachers. Announcers must entertain their audience, so their work is similar to that of actors, dancers and musicians.

Education & Training

Formal training in broadcasting from a college or technical school is valuable. Station officials pay particular attention to taped auditions that show an applicant's delivery and--in television--appearance and style. Those hired by television stations usually start out as production assistants, researchers, or reporters. In radio, newcomers usually start by taping interviews and operating equipment.

Job Outlook

Competition for jobs as sports announcers will be keen because the broadcasting field attracts many more jobseekers than there are jobs.

Sources for Additional Information

National Association of Broadcasters
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