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Next you want to add your education history to your resume. You'll first want to start with formal education you've completed or are currently enrolled in.  If you're still in school or a training program like Samatha a good way to present the dates for your attendance are from when you started to "Present" in Samanthas case she's a junior in high school so she's going to use "Fall 2016-Present" for dates attended.

If this is your first resume you may only have your high school listed, this is fine. If you have other education, like a summer training program, or community college courses, you can add additional entries to your resume. You may also want to mention your GPA, some notes about your coursework, and any degree or honors you have earned.  Some of this may seem like bragging but it can be presented in an informational way that gives employers insight into your achievements and skills related to them. 

Samantha is still in high school and hasn't completed any other programs so her resume would now look like this:


Stay tuned for the next section of your resume, Experience: