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Total Quality Counseling Book & CD

Total Quality Counseling Book & CD


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The ultimate professional resource for new counselors, counseling interns, and seasoned counselors who want to review their programs and initiate new ideas. The informational text begins with an easy-to-find bold-text question followed by concise, to-the-point information. Each of the following chapters includes information, charts, and reproducible handouts on a wide variety of topics including;

Developmental Elementary/Middle School Counseling, Counseling Skills, Individual Counseling, Small-Group Counseling, The Counselor As A Consultant, Group Guidance, Career Education, Coordinating A Comprehensive Program, Program Development And Evaluation, Telling And Selling Your Program, and more!

This is a resource book you will use time and time again.

The included CD features PDF files of each form/worksheet which can be reproduced in black and white and where appropriate, color.