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Swimming Toward Self-Control

Swimming Toward Self-Control


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Play-2-Learn Go Fish Games play like classic Go Fish. There are two decks of 50 cards in each game- one for grades K-2 and the other for grades 3-5. The games differ from classic go fish in that players must answer a question before they can accept a requested card. Each game also comes with a rules sheet and facilitator guidelines.

Self-control and impulse control are issues for many kids in school. Even kids who have not received a diagnosis of ADD or ADHD have problems with self-control from time to time. Everybody has impulses that could cause inappropriate behavior. This game helps players take charge of their impulses instead of their impulses taking charge of them. The game utilizes proven techniques for improving self-control, including pausing to think about possible consequences, delaying gratification, self-talk and problem-solving strategies.