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Preparing Teens for the Contemporary Workforce

Preparing Teens for the Contemporary Workforce


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This valuable career resource introduces teens to the skills and attributes needed for success in all aspects of life and work. In today’s economy it takes more than just showing up and a little “elbow grease” to have rewarding employment. Most graduating seniors can expect to have multiple jobs and at least four career changes before age 40. We need to assure that today’s teens have the skills and knowledge that is truly transferable and useful for a life time.

These skills include:

  • Social Skills
  • Self Understanding
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Conflict Management
  • Tolerance & Diversity
  • Character
  • Counseling
  • Prevention

The job-finding and job-keeping skills include:

  • Finding a Job That’s Right for You
  • Writing a Winning Resume
  • Ensuring Successful Interviews
  • Developing and Maintaining a Positive Attitude
  • Taking Charge of Your Appearance
  • Being There: The First Requirement
  • Becoming a Successful Communicator
  • Following Directions With Care
  • Managing Time and Being Productive
  • Respecting Expertise, Experience and Authority
  • Proving Your Dependability
  • Working Cooperatively With Others
  • Giving Great Customer Service
  • Making Effective Decisions
  • Taking Assignments All the Way
  • Doing What Needs to Be Done: Initiative
  • Solving Problems Creatively
  • Welcoming Criticism and Compliments
  • Assertively Conveying Personal Needs
  • Effectively Managing Conflicts
  • Becoming a Trusted Employee

By teaching universal employability skills that can be called forth wherever they land we guarantee our teens their best chance of a productive life and career success.