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Occupations Outlook: An Exploration Book for Teens

Occupations Outlook: An Exploration Book for Teens


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This reference book provides information about over 200 occupations that will help your students research careers. With current information, it provides job descriptions, related occupations, subjects to take in school and skills required to do the job well. It also includes icons for quick referrals on salary ranges, job outlook and education required. Easy to identify icons are also included for students to identify which jobs require work outdoors, indoors, working with people, and a variety of other specifics of the job.

The Occupations Outlook: An Exploration for Teens lists the jobs in alphabetical order to make it easy to find the jobs students are looking to read. Each job listing includes the following:

  • A Careers for Me cluster shape (cube, diamond, cone, star, heart and sphere)
  • The Holland Code for the job
  • The Department of Education’s cluster
  • Icons to identify the level of education and training, salary and employment opportunities
  • An interesting fact or quotation related to the job
  • Information on school subjects, personal characteristics needed for the job
  • Whether to expect to work outdoors, indoors, travel or have physical demands when working
  • Where to go or what to do to get additional information
  • Related occupations
  • and, of course, a brief description of the job.

Also, a listing of kid-friendly jobs is included. Young people are often trying to find ways to make money and these are some ideas to help jump-start the process!