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Journeys to Jobs

Journeys to Jobs


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What do you want to be when you grow up? Kids are frequently asked this question. Journeys to Jobs emphasizes the importance of interests and abilities while making career decisions. These interests and abilities often change as children grow into adults.

This informative and exciting program includes:

  • Original Story: A story of 12 children and how their hobbies and interests influenced their final job choices. Each of the character's interests includes pertinent information about each career associated with that interest.
  • Career Clusters: Each career is related to a cluster
  • ASCA Standards
  • Lesson Plans: The four lesson plans may be taught as independent lessons or as a career-awareness unit. The first lesson utilizes the story, while the remaining lessons emphasize decision-making, the comparison between a student of the month and an employee of the month, and homework being one part of a student's job.
  • Motivating Activities And Reproducible Activity Sheets: Used independently or as the story is read, Journeys To Jobs includes fun activities and reproducible activity sheets for each career included in the story. In addition, there are extra supplementary career-oriented activity sheets and interest inventory activity sheets.

Journeys to Jobs will re-energize your career program with variety, current information and motivating experiences. The included CD features PDF files of the reproducible pages.